Magnum Percussion Instrument

Magnum Percussion Instrument

The Magnum is our redesign of the Star Synare 3 drum synth.

The entire project is fully open source and under a creative commons license so people can build, redesign, and tweak their own versions if they want.

Build Docs

All the information you need can be found in the Github Repository, but if you're just building a Magnum then the easiest thing is to Download the zip file from here, unzip it, and then look in the build folder.

The Interactive BOM will be helpful when placing parts and you can use it here without having to download it.

You'll find the following :-

  • bom.html lists all the parts in a nice webpage so you can check them off to make sure you've got everything.
  • is a text file with useful build information.
  • ibom.html is an interactive guide showing you where to place each part.
  • magnum-drum-synth-brd.pdf is a pdf guide you can print out which may be useful when placing the parts.

There's some other files in there which probably need to be tidied up, but may be useful if you're trying to order all the parts yourself.


You can find us on Instagram as well.

At some point we should probably sort out an email address... We'll put something up here when we do.