the yorick monosynth

Yorick is our friendly, fully open-source, reprogramable, mono-synth groovebox. He's got multiple wave-shapes, a tasty filter, multiple modulation options and a sequencer, all in a nice, hand-held package.

The entire project is fully open source and under a creative commons license so people can build, redesign, and tweak their own versions if they want.

How it Works

If you want to know how to get Yorick making noise, then have a look at the manual.

Build Docs

All the information can be found in the build folder of the repository which you can get from Github, but if you're just building a Yorick kit then the easiest thing is to check the Releases page for the version you have and grab the files you need from there.

The Interactive BOM is probably the most useful thing, and you can use the latest version here without having to download it.

If you prefer not stare at a screen while building, then you can print out the parts placement guide which shows where everything goes.

Technical stuff

We've tried to make everything about Yorick is open-source, from the hardware, the firmware, and even some of the early prototype mock-ups and the maths behind the filter.


You can find us on Instagram as well.

If you want to get in touch, then bristolcommunalmodular at gmail is a good way, or even better just come to the Bristol Hackspace on a Tuesday evening and you'll find us there.