Bristol Communal Modular

BCM is a group that aims to make modular synthesis, and music tech in general, more accessible, understandable and available.

We are attempting to do this by having communal modular synth systems that people can come and use, as well as running workshops where people can build their own instruments and learn what the electronics inside their synths is actually doing.


We meet most Tuesdays, from 7:30ish until late, at the Bristol Hackspace which is about a 10 minute walk from Temple Meads Station.

The address is:
Bristol Hackspace
Unit B
Meridian Studios
Queen Victoria Street

a map of the walking route from Bristol Temple Meads station to the Bristol Hackspace


Yorick is a friendly little acid groovebox, and you can find all the info here.

Magnum Percussion Instrument

Magnum is our version of the classic Star Synare drum synth.

All the information for it is on its own website.


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You can find us on Instagram as well.

If you want to contact us via email then we have a gmail account under the name bristolcommunalmodular.